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Lavaux Gilles


What is it?
- It's a java application which allows browsing OpenGIS WMS servers.

Note: if you are looking for a free, portable and simple WMS server, you can have a look at the SimpleMapServer project.
- Alpha, the 0.631 it's mainly a bug fix of the first public version (0.630)
- You can view a screenshot here.
- Retrieve WMS servers capabilities, accept capabilities version:1.0.0 and 1.1.1.
- 'Recent-servers' list is kept.
- Currently selected layers can be saved/loaded in Web Map Context files.
- Can use date/time (with Wms 1.1.1 servers).
- Can select individual layer style.


- As zip files. Follow this link
- There is 3 types of file in one release, this to minimize download, you have to get at least two of them:

1) one containing only the application needed jars: log4j and dom4j. Named ''
    You may get them directly from the log4j/dom4j sites if you prefer. You just need to get theses libs once, they never change.
    This file is the biggest: ~800 Kb.

2) one containing only the java sources. Named ''
    If you want to build the application, you need to get also the ''
    This file is ~110 Kb.

3) one containing only the application already builded. Named ''
    You need to get also the '' to run it.
    This file is ~130 Kb.

- To get a newer version, simply get file 2) and/or 3)

- See the readme.txt file inside the distribution.
Known problems:
- The view correspond to the area selected, no aspect ratio preservation is done.
Changes from previous version:

- Added a view refresh button
- fix: context layers styles was wrongly saved
- fix: current format and style is now saved in context
- fix: styles and formats of the selected layers was mixed up.
- fix: at application first time launch, the 'Tools/Options' menu was not working.




Fell free to drop me an email at this address (rebuild it): 'GLavaux <AT> serco <DOT> it'